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"Management-NewStyle has made an important advance in quality management instruction by developing these products for deployment flowcharting. In my experience, when faced with the challenge to produce a flowchart, most beginners find excuses to do something else. The handy templates, magnetic boards and software of The FlowMap System make it difficult to resist making that first try. Anything which overcomes a barrier to actually applying the tools of quality management to a real situation, must be reckoned a positive contribution."
Myron Tribus
“I have studied your letter of 16 December 1992, and agree with you that a system is one thing, and a process is something else. I understand the difference, I think. My words were careless.”

Edwards Deming
"The message of The FlowMap System is very much to the point, succinct, and persuasive. This is what I taught the Japanese. It is what American managers must still learn . . . I believe the UK and the US are in the same boat at the present time in terms of their economic status. Unless our political and industrial leaders wake up to the realities behind your statements we are in for more rough times."

Homer Sarasohn
"I finally had an opportunity to look through your book on Understanding Business Process Mapping. I love it! It's fun to read, as well as having good solid content. Thank you for such good work."

Peter R Scholtes
“Our conversation added both wisdom and adrenaline to my efforts to transform “thinking about thinking” within Boeing. I look forward to continuing our conversations on Taguchi, Deming and Stafford Beer.”

Bill Bellows, Process Leader for Enterprise Thinking, Boeing Rocketdyne 


"Early in 2002 NGC was faced with capturing accurate details of value added system operator skills and experiences.  Management-NewStyle helped prepare an approach to this task in order to develop a formal methodology for use by NGC.
”Using First Metre methodology and FlowMap, NGC was able to develop an in-house approach to capturing, mapping and documenting the softer and less described technical and business processes to create one coherent knowledge base.  The 'toolkit' is now used as a training aid for system planning engineers and to advise other parts of the business on the additional value adding potential of system operation activity : making explicit that which had hitherto been implicit.”
G.F., Senior Project Engineer, National Grid Company

“The biggest benefit of FlowMap software from our point of view is the speed and ease with which you can use the mapping tool, quickly generating flowcharts which are accessible by everyone. You are not bogged down with the complexity of finding hidden menu options or formatting key strokes. You can concentrate on the task in hand – process mapping and address the problems surrounding them.
“FlowMap also doesn’t have the annoying Microsoft habits of what you see is not what you get – the printer drivers actually work!! Once you have mastered the basics you can then open another door to the more complex stuff, should you wish to – this is optional which is excellent.
“The other major feature of FlowMap is the ability to group charts in projects and distribute them as compressed files – everything is in one place and fully visible. All too often the process map is documented and then gathers dust. It is crucial that these maps become living documents with which users can interact. The FlowMap ‘Action’ facility allows us to hang documents, templates and forms off the maps and make them truly interactive.”
Kevin B. Stone, Business Systems Manager for Information, Mid Kent Water plc

"We have discovered FlowMap software and it has been a revelation. It is 'elegant simplicity' on screen. For our computer modelling we prefer it to any other product we have come across, notably the usual standard IT modelling products like Rational Rose, Popkin's System Architect or Visio, all of which were designed for technical users to design complex software.  Business functions are an afterthought for these products, which makes them complicated to use - and to be honest, a bit messy and difficult to learn.
"Our need is to communicate with business users – not IT professionals, and here again FlowMap excels.  The main benefit of using FlowMap to model business systems is that it was designed from a business point of view from the outset and as a result is a lot simpler to use than other modelling tools. All the other products we have used over the years are enmeshed in a technology-led process complexity that is lengthy and detailed – and offputting to business clients."
Matthew Fowler, Chief Architect & MD, NT/enterprise Software

"We chose the FlowMap Professional Process Platform for its ease of operation and its diverse functionality. For such a sophisticated system the training requirements are minimal. You can be operating in minutes. We also like its interface with other software tools. Using this interface you can develop FlowMap to do what you want to do, and not what someone else thinks you want to do."
S.D., Head of Quality, Efficiency and Data Unit, DSS Child Benefit Centre