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DFC Definition
Deployment FlowCharts as Operational Definitions
A well-formed deployment flowchart - or FlowMap - serves as an operational definition of the way work gets done and time gets used. By virtue of its collaborative origins it uniquely defines how value is created by transformation of inputs to outputs and it serves as a basis for all subsequent improvement.

A typical deployment flowchart. Note the header details, cast of characters and the disciplined layout of the charting. Connecting links are always horizontal or vertical, never inclined. Horizontal links denote co-operation; vertical links, time and shadowed drop-chart links, increasing detail.

A stack of deployment flowchart can provide process understanding by virtue of the three vectors shown above - teamwork or service level agreement, timing and attention to detail.
As process dependencies are mapped a heterarchy forms which graphically represents how an organisation is actually connected (i.e. many-to-many mappings). By contrast traditional organisation charts are hierarchical (i.e. one to one mappings) and show responsibilities but not the vital, often informal, connectivities of process working.