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80 Wise Minds of Business Organisation

Here, in alphabetical order, are the faces of those that we believe to be the 80 most influential people (from the 13th century to date) who have critically shaped thinking about problem solving and organisational development. We have divided these first metre pioneers into four groups. Our apologies for omissions - just tell us who you think should be added - or perhaps who you think should be relegated.

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From left to right:
> Ackoff, Argyris, Ashby, and Bata;
> Bateson, Bayes, Beer and Bell;
> Bennis. Bertalanffy, Bogdanove, and de Bono;
> Boulding, Box, Bridgeman, and Bush;
> Checkland, Churchman, Colbert and Collins. 

 Listing of main details of the 80 Wise Minds


From left to right:
> Covey, Crosby, Deming, and Dijkstra;
> Drucker, Fayol, Feigenbaum, and Fisher;
> Foerster, Follee, Forrester, and Fuller; 
> Gantt, Ghoshal, Gilberth, and Gilbreth;
> Godel, Goodhart, Hamel, and Hammer.  

Listing of main details of the 80 Wise Minds


From left to right:
> Handy, Huntington, Ishikawa, and Jaques;
> Kaplan, Kawakita, Kuhn, and Leibnitz;
> Machiavelli, Maslow, Maturana, and Miller;
> McCulloch, McGregor, Mill, and Mintzberg;
> Mumford, Neumann, Ockham, and Ohmae. 

 Listing of main details of the 80 Wise Minds


From left to right:

> Peters, Popper, Porter, and Prigogine;
> Schumaker, Senge, Shannonj, and Shewhart;
> Shingo, Smith, Smuts, and Taguchi;
> Taylor, Toyoda, Tribus, and Venn;
> Watt, Weber, Wiener, and Whitney.

Listing of main details of the 80 Wise Minds